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Newish Complete Guide for Men to Care Face and Beard!


Why Beard care is important? Did you ever think that Why men also need to moisturize their face and beard? Look, just imagine a pair of leather boots worn day after day exposed to the scorching sun and dry, lashing wind. What if you don’t properly care for and condition these boots? It dries and cracks and resulting in the formation of deep cracks and the leather looks tired and worn. Similarly, it happens to your skin and beard care becomes important to look dashing.

So, if you have a beard that is also drying and deteriorating then it’s time to think with us. But don’t worry, adding a Newish’s daily Charcoal Face wash to your personal care routine can quickly turn the tide in your favor. Moreover, layer your beard with Newish premium beard oil for extra suppleness.

Basically, the cleansing and moisturizer are the base and the beard oil gives additional benefits to the beard. But to get the full benefits of your products, you’ll need to start over. Start with a clean canvas. Wash your beard with Newish Charcoal Face wash for its magic to work fully, it needs to penetrate the skin, which is why it is important that you wash your face once or twice a day. During the day, your body is supplied with natural oils, dead skin cells, pollutants, waste materials, and other environmental toxins. Applying a moisturizer or beard oil to these layers will decrease the effectiveness and can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

First of all, know your skin type: every man is different so according to the skin type act accordingly. Using the right face wash and moisturizer for your skin type will improve your results.

How can you determine your skin type?

Basically, what you have to do is, check out your T-zone at the end of the day. You can imagine your T-zone by imagining one straight line extending horizontally across your forehead. Another straight line extending vertically from the center of your face. (Mark your T- Zone)

The T- Zone: – If your t-zone looks dull at the end of the day, your skin is drier.

Normal / Combination skin: – Men naturally have thicker and oily skin than women, so most men will notice a slight glow in their t-zone at the end of the day.

Oily Skin: – If your skin looks oily, you probably have oily skin. Opt for a non-greasy formula that quickly absorbs.

These greasy products prefer smoothing thick moustaches to the detriment of the skin. Cheap products use inferior ingredients and most rely heavily on synthetic ingredients made from petroleum that tend to clog pores and cause moisture. But Newish take care of all the things and stay away from harmful nasties and other additives.

Newish Charcoal Facewash & Beard care range is designed from the ground up for men with facial hair (from stubble to full wizards) your skin and beard will develop without clogging your skin.

How to determine your skin type


Is aging being your problem?

If aging and wrinkles are an issue, look for products that contain ingredients that have been shown to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for ingredients that hydrate your skin. Hydrating agents penetrate deep into the skin and provide the necessary moisture that improves the condition and appearance of the skin. Well aware of the great benefits of hyaluronic acid / sodium hyaluronate, men are now starting to appreciate and use this skincare powerhouse. The same applies to retinol (vitamin A) and its derivatives such as retinyl palmitate. Include products containing the best skin-friendly ingredients and watch your tired skin transform. Go a step further and incorporate daily sunscreen into your morning routine. Moisturizers with SPF 30 or higher.


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